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About the App


Making the Process Manageable

Navigating a pre-health path can be incredibly difficult, from exploring a variety of different careers and finding the one particular career in healthcare that's right for you, to applying to professional school programs.  With the My Med Future app, we hope to make the process much more manageable for all students.


Content You Can Count On!

Rob Larocco, the developer of the My Med Future app, is  an educator and advisor who has witnessed time and again the difficulties many students face when trying to navigate a pre-health path while also trying to balance academics and never-ending extracurricular activities.  The educational services provided within the My Med Future app and website, including all information, resources, and tools, stem from his experiences working with pre-health students, other pre-health advisors, and from speaking with admissions representatives from health professions schools across the country.


Get Started on Your Pre-health Path!

Whether you're just starting to think about possible future careers, or you've already started on your pre-health path, the My Med Future app can help you reach your goal of becoming a healthcare professional.  Head to the Apple App Store and download the app today for free!


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